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ASTECH Engineering was founded in 1994 by Jeff Wilson to provide a comprehensive set of avionics/ aircraft system services to the aviation industry. With over 22 years in the aviation industry, Mr. Wilson's knowledge, experience, and expertise spans the gamut of avionics/aircraft systems research, design, development, & implementation-- at both the project/system level and the technical design level-- encompassing several engineering specialties and technologies. Mr. Wilson has spent most of his career designing and developing solutions for the aviation industry-- solutions that were based on his experience from and his comprehensive knowledge of aircraft, engines, systems, technologies, operations, procedures, and processes-- solutions that exceeded the norm in terms of technology, quality, effectiveness, and value-- solutions that saved the customer money and time, minimized their risk, and took them into the future-- solutions that were right the first time.

Mr. Wilson has BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering along with extensive work towards an MBA. In addition, he has taken many graduate-level technology/engineering-based short courses, been involved in the development of several advanced technologies, supported several corporate-level committees, and has had the opportunity to work with and learn from a number of industry experts. Mr. Wilson has maintained a DoD top secret clearance.

For more information on how ASTECH Engineering may be able to help you, please contact J. Wilson at or call 316-304-6157.
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