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There is nothing so wasteful as doing with great efficiency that which doesn't have to be done at all.--Anonymous








If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.-- Anonymous






To meet the price/performance demands of your customers while improving your competitive positions, increasing levels of technology must be utilized in both the ways you work and the products you produce. This has definitely been the case for Avionic/Aircraft Systems, where:

  • Digital is replacing Analog
  • Software is replacing Hardware
  • Multifunction Displays are replacing Instruments & Controls
  • Integrated Systems are replacing Standalone Systems
  • Automation is replacing Manually-Performed Operations

With tighter program funding and compressed schedules, you are relying more on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment/systems and subsystem outsourcing to provide you with this technology-- where you define the subsystem requirements, the outsourced supplier delivers to you a subsystem per your requirements, and then you integrate, test, and certify the subsystem in your aircraft. If all goes well, you meet the program cost and schedule objectives, and deliver the fully-operational certified/qualified aircraft on schedule.

Unfortunately,when avionics/aircraft systems engineering and integration tasks are distributed among several different subcontractors in a cost-competitive or scope-limited format, you run the risk of subcontractors focusing only on their system-specific technical tasks without regard to the broader multi-system consequences-- which could lead to a loss in cross-system synergism and in costly time-consuming system integration problems later in the program. System implementation also becomes increasingly expensive and time consuming when:

  • Systems Engineering is not thorough and complete
  • Systems Engineering does not have the cross-functional knowledgeable, experience, & expertise to effectively integrate the various subsystem elements into a tightly coupled system
  • COTS equipment & systems are not as "Plug & Play" as you had planned-- making integration much more difficult, time-consuming, & costly
  • System hardware/software integration problems are difficult to isolate & solve-- especially those that are cross-system and/or cross-functional
  • System operation problems encountered during testing bring the program to a grinding halt
  • Redesign becomes the only option for an unsatisfactory system design
  • Subcontractors are not responsive to or supportive of your problem situations-- problems are NOT getting fixed!
  • Limitations in look-ahead planning & synergism prevent you from leveraging technology to the maximum extent possible

Some aircraft programs do not suffer through these problems, but many do. Avionic/ Aircraft System implementation is extremely difficult and its outcome is based on many different factors-- but success can be the outcome if the right things are done the right way at the right time.

What is YOUR situation Today?

  • Are you experiencing similar problems on your program?
  • Is your program on schedule? Within budget?
  • Are all of the system designs meeting the necessary compliance requirements?
  • Is program risks minimized?
  • Are you sure?

What will YOUR situation be Tomorrow?

  • Will things get better? Or worse?
  • Are your most technically challenging situation(s) being solved? Effectively? Quickly?
  • Are the solutions designed for the long-term, or are they just short-term patches?
  • Will there be any late breaking showstoppers?
  • And most importantly, will you deliver the fully-operational certified/qualified aircraft on schedule? Within budget?
  • Are you sure?

And what about YOUR situation in the Future?

  • Are the technologies that provide your competitive advantage being leveraged as much as possible?
  • Are new innovations being readied for future implementation?
  • Will you be driving the market? Or just trying to keep up?

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